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Banna Mirza – A small screen professional with Beauty and Grace

Our small screen is a kaleidoscope that presents various colours of life. Today, the television has become a powerful and effective medium that consists of a galaxy of dazzling stars. Many celebrities over the years have contributed to their respective fields and gained popularity as an acknowledgement for their dedication. One of them is Banna Mirza, whose beauty, grace and reflective demeanour have won the hearts of many. Continue reading

Bidya senha saha Mim to enter the showbiz world

Lux-Channel-I Superstar 2007 created the regal gate for ‘Bidya senha saha Mim’ to enter the showbiz world. This was the greatest and splendid opportunity for her to fulfill her dreams. After achieving this grand award, she got so many scopes to work in the media with great success. Not only in the TV Commercials and soaps but she has also started working in the celluloid screen recently for different mainstream movies. Thus ‘Stardam’ has invited this Lux Channel-I princess ‘Mim’ in this issue for the cover story. Continue reading

Mishu Rahman

“People relate to me largely as a newscaster on Channel i ” says a smiling Mishu Rahman who also holds posts in the sister concerns of Channel i — as head of operations in Impress Audio Vision Ltd and business development manager, Impress Telefilm Ltd.

The spunky young lady has done the spadework for the recent setting up of Impress Audio Vision Ltd. Continue reading