Bidya senha saha Mim to enter the showbiz world

Lux-Channel-I Superstar 2007 created the regal gate for ‘Bidya senha saha Mim’ to enter the showbiz world. This was the greatest and splendid opportunity for her to fulfill her dreams. After achieving this grand award, she got so many scopes to work in the media with great success. Not only in the TV Commercials and soaps but she has also started working in the celluloid screen recently for different mainstream movies. Thus ‘Stardam’ has invited this Lux Channel-I princess ‘Mim’ in this issue for the cover story.

Mim, a girl who was born and brought up in ‘Comilla’, shared her story behind winning of the crown “Lux Channel-I Superstar” with Stardom, ‘In the year 2007, one of my brothers actually suggested me to participate in this competition. Then I decided to take an attempt since I had enough confidence in me. At that time, it did not even come in my dreams that I would be ranked in the first position of this grand competition. But gradually, I started gaining confidence more and more. The most joyous & memorable moment of my life was when my name was announced as the Champion and then I could not stop the drops of my tears of joy”.

Later ‘Bidya Senha Saha Mom’ started entering into several sectors of showbiz and showed good performance in Modeling, Acting, TV Commercials and Films. Her recent TVC “Desh” package of ‘Bangla Link’, Became very popular to the viewers at every level. Besides, Min has also performed in the commercial of ‘Keya Soap’ with ‘Nobel’, which was previously done by ‘Tisha’ and ‘Mou’. In the regard Mim said, “These two TVC are the turning point of my career. I have received huge appreciations and recognitions from my fans and the viewers after this career. I have received huge appreciations and recognitions from my fans and the viewers after this performance.” Mim has also worked with ‘Amitav Reza’ in the advertisement of ‘Tibbet Vanishing Cream’. Recently Mim has completed acting in a role of the TV soap “Gondho” by ‘Humayun Ahmed’ as the co-artist of ‘Touqir Ahmed’.

She has also acted in a soap named ‘Pichhu Daakey’ by ‘Chashi Nazrul Islam’ as the co-artist ‘Shahriar Shuvo’. This soap was directed by ‘Aruna Biswas’.

Moreover, recently ‘Lux Superstar Mim’ has stepped ahead in the film industry as well. She has started working in the mainstream Bangla movies. She would be seen in ‘Amar Parner Priya’ directed by ‘Zakir Hossain Razu’ with ‘Shakib Khan’, the heartthrob hero of the contemporary time. The product ‘Taposhi Thadur’ has casted ‘Mim’ for this movie. Before that, Mim has acted in the movie ‘Amar Achhey Jol’ by ‘Humayun Ahmed’. About her acting in the mainstream movie, Mim said, ‘Situation of our Cine world has changed and I am feeling good to act in the main stream movies now.’

Source: Stardam

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