Mishu Rahman

“People relate to me largely as a newscaster on Channel i ” says a smiling Mishu Rahman who also holds posts in the sister concerns of Channel i — as head of operations in Impress Audio Vision Ltd and business development manager, Impress Telefilm Ltd.

The spunky young lady has done the spadework for the recent setting up of Impress Audio Vision Ltd.

The company, under the aegis of Mishu has to its credit, 16 CD launches within the first few months. Among the recent launches are Bhatir gaane matir taane (which features Ayub Bachchu rendering the songs of Abdul Alim), Shurer Uttarsuri (a tribute to talented fathers who have passed on their skills to their offspring), Lampor Aalo (a DJ mix with Lalon’s songs) and lastly Shafin Ahmed’s Kotodin dekhini tomae (a tribute to his father, legendary music composer Komol Dasgupta).

Amplifying on this subject, Mishu says, “The focus is on innovative ideas in marketing music and uplifting the image of Bengali music worldwide. The other element is the need to familiarise the younger generation with the rich heritage of Bangla music.”

Music is dear to Mishu’s heart. This probably accounts for her career switch from Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. Explaining this tricky decision, she asserts, “I thought that if I was good enough for an MNC, I could use my experience and musical background to promote local culture. Thereby my creative ideas would be well employed.”

Though Mishu has her hands full with Impress and newscasting, she still manages to squeeze in time for extra-curricular activities. She was the Bangladesh representative in 2004 for a one month-long, international visitors’ programme sponsored by the US State Department for young leaders in the economic and social arena. She was joined by several others, involved in youth politics–such as those from UAE, Oman, Israel, Palestine and India. The group met up with Colin Powell, then secretary of state as well as leaders from a varied socio-economic and political arena.

In addition to these laurels, Mishu also bagged the Lux-Channel i Performance Award held in Dubai in 2005. Clearly the ambitious Mishu believes in thinking big, which should give her an edge in the competitive entertainment industry.

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