Summer Fashion Health and Beauty Tips

Summer days are great for relaxation and recreation. The sun is literally brighter, the days are longer, and the warm weather is ideal for just spending time with family and friends or for taking off on sightseeing or shopping jaunts. But, you would want to remember that summer is also a time when different rules of beauty care apply. The hot, lazy days can take their toll if you are not too careful about your regimen. Here are a few tips for getting through summer while looking as good as you would want to feel.

Everyone wants a flawless, glowing and healthy complexion. Exfoliation is essential to clear skin. You can use white sugar. Almost anywhere you go will have white sugar readily available. After cleansing, wet your face with water, then pour a small handful of sugar grains into your hand and rub over the face. Use as you normally would a facial scrub. It keeps those annoying blackheads and blemishes at bay.

If your skin tends to be dry, use honey with the sugar; this way, you exfoliate and moisturize simultaneously. Honey serves as an excellent facial mask for those with dry, parched skin or anyone who needs an oil-free moisturizer.

The obsession for pale skin has survived through ages of civilizations in Asia. Every morning and every evening before your normal skin regime apply lemon juice all over your face and neck the way you would a toner. Out of environmental concerns, skip the cotton ball, applying the juice with your fingers directly.

Twice a day and within two months’ time, you will see results. Be sure to avoid contact with the eyes, though. You probably won’t turn significant shades lighter overnight, but gradually uneven splotches and acne scars do fade.

Lemon juice works as an astringent and thus also eliminates blackheads and helps to even out skintone. It also seems to retard the growth of pimples and other blemishes.

Are you looking for a natural beauty enhancer? – Then your ultimate choice has to be watermelons! The watermelon health facts and watermelon nutrition facts are much talked about but the watermelon beauty facts are little known. Yes, watermelons can play a vital role in enhancing your looks too! It can act as a natural moisturizer as it is an effective skin toner and also skin tighter.

The best way to utilize the watermelon is to use it as a face pack, especially after a hot summer days’ outing. Try this invigorating watermelon face pack to give your face the cool, clean and youthful look. Take one cup of watermelon pulp and apply on face and neck. Rinse face and neck after 15 minutes. Your skin becomes soft and supple.

If you do get sunburned, apply aloe vera extract or lotions containing aloe vera. The effect of aloe vera will soothe your skin and will also help you heal faster. If you do plan to spend more time in the sun following sunburn, it may be wise to apply a cream containing zinc to help heal the sunburn overnight.

The heat brings out fresh batches of bugs, especially in tropical climes like in India. Insect repellants are a must if you want to avoid looking like you have a localized attack of Chicken Pox.

For a day at the beach, or if you plan to spend the whole day shopping, fill a misting bottle with a mixture of water and a little toner and spritz your body and neck for a quick cool off. Remember not to spray your eyes!

Exfoliation is a must to clear away dead Cells that can otherwise clog up your pores and cause unsightly pimples that can spoil your summer look. Use a scrub that does not dry your skin or make your own; sugar mixed with a little olive oil is very natural and skin friendly.

Feet need to look good in summer! They are more visible now than at any other time of the year. Scrub your feet with foot scrubs or make your own with some granular salt or sugar and olive oil. Rubbing this into your legs in a gentle upward motion will have dual effects of exfoliating dry skin and oil massaging your legs as well.

Apply body oil or other light oils on heels at night, wrap in cotton gauze and leave it on overnight for soft and sexy feet.

If your toenails have turned yellow, now would be good time to soak them in a basin with some mild bleach.

On really hot days, you can use a hydrating toner instead of a moisturizer that feels heavy.

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