Ananya Eid Fashion Competition 2008

The award ceremony of Ananya Eid Fashion Competition 2008 was held at Hotel Abakas in Dhaka on Friday.

Cultural affairs adviser Rasheda K Chowdhury handed over the awards among the winners as chief guest. Entrepreneur Rokeya A Rahman and actress Kabori Sarwar attended as special guests at the programme chaired by Maleka Khan.

A total of 98 awards were given in 14 categories including saris, salwar-kamiz, punjabi and children’s wear.

Fashion house Narimela won the best award in exclusive sari category. Lokaz and Usha Silk jointly took the second award while Nandini Fashion received the third award. OD Crafts received the best award in the salwar-kamiz category while Nandini Fashion and Ruper Haat jointly received the second prize.

The third award in the category went to Nikhunt Crafts.

In the punjabi category, Reshom Palli bagged the best award. Fashion house Banglar Darpan and Grihini received the second award while Karitas Silk got the third award.

Narimela, Banglar Shobha and Nikhunt Crafts received the first, second and third award respectively in the children’s wear category.

About 150 fashion houses participated in the competition with entries of a variety of designs, said the organisers.

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